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Bowhunter's Roundup Off-Grid for PTSD -
Two Man Scramble Format
-Operation Nock Point-

After you register please send you and your teammates name to

  • Shoot will consist of 25 targets

  • $35 per shooter

  • $15 from each shooter to the pot, $20 donated to support PTSD programs

  • Guaranteed $150 to first place team in Top 5 team scores

  • First Round: 25 Targets best arrow counts. If both shooter's score 12's, the score will be a 14.

  • At conclusion of the First Round, the Top 5 Team Scores will qualify for the first flight 5 target shoot-off. 

  • During shoot-off, both arrows count for points

  • Payout is to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.  The more teams the higher the payout!

  • Example 20 shooters 10 teams: $300 to the payout + $150 to first.

    • 1st - $250​

    • 2nd - $90

    • 3rd - $60

  • Binoculars and range finders allowed!

  • Bow set-ups are to be hunting setups.  Lenses magnification allowed (no more than 5x), Max front stabilizer of 15"

  • You are welcome to shoot the course as much as you like after the scramble

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