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Nominate a Veteran Today!

This year at our Bowhunters Roundup Off-Grid event, we will be giving away a select number of new bows to nominated individuals! Nominate a Veteran today!


*Nominee needs to be able to attend the event in Michigan

If you have troubles nominating, please email with your nomination

Nominate a Veteran

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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Known as Shoot for a Cause; Bowhunters RoundUp Off-Grid for PTSD is Michigan's largest PTSD focused Archery event that draws in several hundred veterans, archers, individuals who face PTSD, and their family members. Participants can enjoy a day of togetherness while engaging with a 30 3-D target Archery course, vendors, seminars, and learning about PTSD specific resources.  This event is family orientated and participants/spectators can enjoy food, door prizes, novelty shoots, & silent auction items. All veterans in attendance and those who face PTSD are also eligible to be nominated to be outfitted with 1 of the bows that we will be giving away the day of the event.

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