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Core Pillars

To us here at Shoot for Life these core pillars are what we live by.  When you receive interaction from anyone on the team, the experience you should have should leave you filled with a new found soul-fire passionate pursue the mission.

Be Humble

Don't be vain to others. Stay humble and practice humility; we are equal. Arrogance has no home here.


At Shoot for Life we notice good things and take nothing for granted. This allows is to see that the sources of good are usually close by

Initiate Change

With 86,400 seconds in a day, it takes just 1 second to initiate change. That maybe screaming I am enough, bringing awareness, or seeking resources. We create a welcoming community to lay groundwork for that first step


At Shoot for Life, we recognize that every life-altering illness and struggle deserves a chance for a solution.

The mission of Shoot for Life is to bring hope and healing to individuals and their families suffering from the effect of life-altering illnesses.


We do this through a collaborative approach to provide awareness in group settings to generate funding for programs, research and treatment that eradicates life-altering illnesses and diseases in hopes of creating a world where every person is allowed the right to survival, prosperous lifestyle, and fair medical treatment.


By partnering with the community, service organizations, and private sector business to combine resources; we can effectively execute our mission.

You can Help! Donate now and join us in pursuing our mission

At Shoot for life we have multiple ways to get involved;  from board directorship to event volunteers. Looking to Lead your own event? Inquire Today!  


Bowhunters Roundup Off-Grid for PTSD... Learn More

Shoot for Life Welcomed Archers, Military Personal, First Responders, and Bowhunters from Across the U.S. for PTSD - 

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